bike13The basic components of a bike, how it functions, and the design of a bicycle has hardly changed since it was first developed. So why try to change it?

Bikes are used for many things:

  • Transportation
  • Bringing grocery items home from the store
  • Giving your kids a lift to school
  • Hauling supplies for a personal business
  • Exercise
  • For the social experience
  • To be sustainable
  • To save money
  • Generating energy
  • Artistic expression
  • Simply for pleasure


The possibilities of use are endless… people have been bike-hacking for decades for their own entertainment, or to make their lives easier.

Through bike-hacking, we can expose the full potential of the bike. Bicycling has become its own culture in our society. People come together to celebrate the bicycle, whether the reason is for exercise, to do something fun with your friends, or avoid parking in a crowed city. In a car demanding world, it is important to recognize the value of a bicycle.

It is our intention to expose and encourage the healthy lifestyle of a cyclist. The more people that bike, the better.  The term “cyclist” applies to all people who ride, whether it means competing in races or riding around the block. The reason why we bike does not matter, all that matters is that we do it.

Our purpose of hacking the bike is to benefit the community. We want to get people excited about bikes, and hopefully encourage the community to ride more regularly. If the cyclist community grows, it can stimulate positive change within many realms. Health, sustainability, urban conditions, and socioeconomic conditions can all be improved with the power of bikes.