What are some precedents we can learn from?

Importance of this kind of event for gather the community: allow to create social link Concept of exchange and sharing

What are some of the limitations that come 14429663_1226304744057837_2077739874_nwith pulling a cargo trailer?

Limit of the space inside

Plug in with the car: issues of electricity, gas, water the space between the floor and the street How to bring water in this space? How to make it accessible?

What are some of the legal regulations that accompany this activity? (Traffic? sanitation? public health?)

A weight limit to tow

Minimum space requirement for the driver’s view

Having a drinking water source

Regulation to serve: fresh product, retention of product, cook regulations Hygiene hands protocol, baked product, what the risk? Fire Regulation14459684_1226305204057791_168668084_n

What are the hallmarks of a successful grill kitchen?

  • Good atmosphere : welcoming, considerate, benevolent and kind
  • Sufficient space : outside and open space : can eat freely and collectively
  • A delicious meal: with fresh and local produces. Only homemade. A convivial meal that is shared. Simple and healthy recipe easy to make.
  • Well-designed workspace: makes it easy service. Allows you to see and be seen. Rigorous transition

What kind of activities might go on in an engagement grill, in addition to the actual grilling?

  • Sport event
  • Event with team
  • Event with religious community
  • In Fair
  • Every event where we find a community and an engagement

Understanding that it will have real limitations in what it can carry, what are the essential pieces of equipment that it needs to carry at all times? At some occasions?

  • Space for cook (grill) with gas
  • Space for wash (water point)
  • Space for waste (garbage)
  • Space for prepare (work plan)
  • Space for preserve (storage, fridge)
  • Space for eat (table) flexible, mobile – Space for teach, and share

At some occasion maybe central island for teach a recipe. Find more space for eat


Understanding that we can make some minor modification to the trailer, what are some strategies for making the equipment easily, quickly secure, demountable?

  • Adopt very flexible and scalable design
  • Use of lightweight materials, durable and compatible with cooking
  • Furniture at the human size, transportable
  • Separate areas according to uses
  • Considerate the use of fire in the grill
  • Easy to clean
  • Work with a scale module

If it can’t carry everything at once, what are some strategy for solving this problem?

  • Create another furniture, mobile (I have a picture for that send in google doc)
  • Have platforms attached on other car or adaptable on trailer14445274_1226304514057860_1163265870_n