Before the introduction of the projects, as a studio we developed four principles which our designs should try to incorporate. We decided that each project should be culturally engaging, adaptable, and accessible, and they should all aim to unify and connect the community.

As the store shelf group, we found a number of precedents and categorized them under each of the principles. Our goal is to find common themes under each principle so that we can incorporate the commonalities of each category into the final product.

Culturally Engaging

  • Recycled Materialwooden-crate
  • Interactive Display
  • Engaging Signagesigns-2 signs-3signs


  • Able to include many partslarge-shelf
  • Movable/Stackable Partsadjstable-shelf-cart adjustable-shelveshanging-shelfstackable-cartsteel-boxes


  • Able to house a variety of products for access in one placemodular-store-shelf
  • Easy to see/read signs for ease of navigation through store.signs-4

Unifies/Connects Community

  • Display of Reciperecipe-sign
  • Recipe for customer to takerecipe-distribution

Looking at these precedents evoked ideas on the many different ways we could design our shelving unit. We will continue to look at precedents and try to understand them more by sketching them and thinking about how we would be able to build these different shelves.

In the meantime, we will also start to brainstorm ways to gather information and get feedback from customers of the two stores to help us design a shelf that the community will enjoy.