Much has been discussed within our group about the mobile bike kitchen, yet nothing has come into fruition. Many questions still remain unanswered: will we have electricity? If so, how big will the generator be? Will that allow us to have a fridge? If so how big will that be? What are some alternatives to a fridge?

Last time we met, we tossed around ideas about what we wanted this bike kitchen to look like. We shared individual sketches and some of us had collected photos from the internet of inspiration.


This was an interesting idea, kind of enclosing the chef in a demo area in which people would gather around. This posed the question of how we will be interacting with the audience.


An alternative would be this type of design, a cart that people gather around.


This is a great example of maximizing space and getting the most use out of the cart.


Here is another example of ways to get the most space while staying compact.


Another way of maximizing space. This could be a good option, or something similar.


This is a good way to address the heating problem, installing a propane tank underneath that would be tucked away and out of sight.


Our drawers will need to be compartmentalized since the cart will be attached to a bike and things could easily be shuffled around, causing clutter.


Another example of giving everything we need a proper place…


This is an idea for a way to convey our interests: fresh and healthy. By adding plants and herbs as decor we will be able to visually convey this.

Today, we organized all of our ideas on a pin up board and established a list (below) of aspects to consider when designing. With this list, we will be able to individually sketch ideas about each aspect and bring them all together. With all of our ideas, we will be able to find the best solutions overall.

  • organization/drawers
  • heating/cooking
  • sink – where and how?
  • counter space
  • cooling – fridge or no fridge?
  • modularity
  • structure
  • form
  • little details
  • level of participation
  • attachment to the bike — how will it stand on its own?

After today, there are still some things that we do not know. How much weight can a bike pull? Who will our audience be? What are the principles of our project and what type of precedent are we setting?

We have much to be thinking about before we can start building, then when we have our final ideas put together we will begin making a prototype to be put on display in three weeks. Therefore we must act fast, and act smart.